Gloss Luxury Rentals focuses on so much more than just stock-piling furniture. With our design services, we are capable of taking our inventory and bringing your next event the impact it needs. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, wedding, or an exhibit, Gloss Luxury Rentals will impress.

Event Space Layout

Once you’ve submitted your order, we’ll make sure to contact you and move forward with making your event a memorable one. Gloss Luxury Rentals begins this process by utilizing our experience and aesthetic knowledge to create a great space for your event. You’ll be happy to know that you can consult with us to arrange the furniture to best compliment your event space.

Delivery & Setup

We value our personable approach to service. Our delivery will be on-time and coordinated with your event planner. One of our associates will be in contact with you to figure out exactly where and when our pieces need to be delivered. We’re flexible; so we’ll make sure to work with you on the set-up process.